Acer Aspire One 722 – BIOS password

So having been given this laptop from a work colleague. Upon powering on the laptop, you were greeted by a BIOS password.

After much internet searching a solution was found – Flash the BIOS in recover mode

You will need to

  1. Unplug and remove the battery.
  2. The latest BIOS for the laptop.
  3. Extract and rename the BIOS .bin file, bios.fd.
  4. Copy the BIOS file to a FAT formatted pen drive.
  5. Insert the pen drive and prepare to power on the laptop
  6. First hold Fn+Esc.
  7. Whilst still holding those keys plugin the power supply.
  8. The screen will remain blank and the pen drive should start flickering, indicating activity.
  9. Once the laptop start emitting beeps. It will do this for about a minute. What ever you do, DO NOT turn off or unplug the laptop at this point!
  10. It will automatically reboot once the flashing process is complete.
  11. Now the laptop BIOS password is no more.


Oh great, there is another password on the HDD. Back to the internet… – HDD password unlock code

  1. Power on the laptop.
  2. Select the secure drive.
  3. Enter a password, anything will do.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 two more times.
  5. A new option to unlock the drive appears, select it.
  6. You will be greeted by another message, along with a ‘key’
  7. Using another internet connected device.
  8. Enter this key into box on
  9. Now click compute.
  10. Now there is another 8 digit code, type it in on the laptop and press enter.
  11. Congratulations, your laptop is now booting.

Welcome to Windows, please enter your password… Not again! – Sticky keys to the rescue (Ewww?)